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import compose from './compose'

 * Creates a store enhancer that applies middleware to the dispatch method
 * of the Redux store.
 * @param {...Function} middlewares The middleware chain to be applied.
 * @returns {Function} A store enhancer applying the middleware.
export default function applyMiddleware(...middlewares) {
  return (createStore) => (reducer, preloadedState, enhancer) => {
    const store = createStore(reducer, preloadedState, enhancer)
    let dispatch = store.dispatch
    let chain = []

    const middlewareAPI = {
      getState: store.getState,
      dispatch: (action) => dispatch(action)
    chain = => middleware(middlewareAPI))
    dispatch = compose(...chain)(store.dispatch)

    return {,
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isSubsequenceOf :: (Eq a) => [a] -> [a] -> Bool
cookie = self.headers.get('Cookie') or self.headers.get('cookie')
<comp :foo="bar" @update:foo="val => bar = val"></comp>
export default (fn, array) => [].concat.apply([],;
let catCharacters: [Character] = ["C", "a", "t", "!", "🐱"]
implicit def doubleArrayToVector(arr: Array[Double]) = new DoubleVector(arr)

Unique in its kind

Photon supports more than 4232464781 languages.

Quantity or quality? Both

Instead of trying to find the language syntax using general regular expressions, Photon lexically analyzes the snippet to produce a much more complete and accurate highlighting, even when using the latest language features.

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You can highlight code on the client-side or the server-side. Photon works everywhere.

What makes Photon different?

You can use Photon inside your current environment, we do not force you to use any particular stack. We offer libraries for the most used languages and platforms. Also, you can highlight code by just making an HTTP call to the API.


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    You are the owner of your code. You do not have to upload your code to any website that may disappear tomorrow. Regain control of your content.

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    We have created a complete collection of easy to use plugins that provide expressiveness and readability to your code snippets.

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    Improve the visual appearance of your code with more than 40 awesome themes availables. You can also create your own themes or modify existing ones! Total freedom.

  • Semantics


    We respect and value the web standards and all the code that we generate is done in the most correct way possible. From HTML tags to CSS rules.

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